Sunday, March 11, 2012

St. Patty's Day Make-up

I was fooling around with some greens and decided to do a pre st. patty's day look. I actually went to a roller derby bout tonight and decided to wear this since the teams colors were black and green but it also worked out for this next holiday yay! 

Used a nice primer potion from Urban Decay and used a cheapo palette from BH Cosmetics Edition #2. I started with a really bright shimmer green on the lid and a lighter yellow/white for my brow bone. Then went in with a darker green shade for my crease but I found that it wasn't dark enough and blended in some black to give my eye more depth and went in with a pale green color in the inner corners of my eye. I lined the bottom lashes with a black kohl liner from MAC (Feline) and topped it with shadows in a gradient, light to dark from my inner corner out. And topped it with some translucent glitter from MAC just on the ball of my lid. Took some cream liner and gave myself a little wing and lined my water line. Had fun with this one.
Hope you enjoy :)

This one was actually from the end of the night :) but it was with my better camera (aka not my phone) and with flash. 

This was the beginning of the night with bathroom lighting and my phone camera. 
(For some reason I've noticed I always do some silly smirk whenever I take pictures of my makeup. I usually always smile with teeth in normal pictures but I think it makes my eyes squint to much haha so it's hard to see the colors on my lid)

Did some under the eye gradient liner action and I wanted to actually see it :)
(I have a thing for stars, hence my derby name Annya C Stars)

Hope you all enjoyed this look. Another one will come this weekend as the day comes closer. Might throw in some gold for the leprechauns.  Close ups in the pictures below. 

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