Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Day Makeup and Braided Up Do Hair

The wedding this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. My sister looked absolutely stunning. And I couldn't even look at Eric during the ceremony without crying, he was so full of joy and emotion. To say it was beautiful is an understatement.

I just wanted to do a little update on my makeup and the hair. We went to a salon in Spokane Valley called Dimensions and they hooked us up! It was an amazing deal for the bridal party. $65 for your nails, makeup, AND hair. Normally up dos start at $50 alone so we couldn't pass this up.

I have been obsessed with braids recently so I just had to incorporate it into my Maid of Honor look :)

Take a look, what do you think?

I went simple on my makeup as I didn't want to out do the bride :) I just had a smokey eye look with browns and grey with a little lashes added on for oomph. 
I was super stoked for this. Although this was the most makeup I think I've worn since Halloween haha.. They had to do it a little heavy for photos. 

I was so busy throughout the day that I completely spaced on taking pictures of the full complete outfit! Good thing we had a photographer. I will update when those pictures are ready for release. Such an awesome day! I was overcome with joy!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Sister's Wedding Is This Weekend!

My sister is getting married this weekend on Saturday! Yay! I am the Maid of Honor so I have been incredibly busy with trying to get all the artistic stuff and technical things done for her! EEEK! I am so excited!

My sister loves, loves, loves rainbows so she is doing a Rainbow themed wedding. It is going to be gorgeous. Color everywhere! And it will be in a garden with a pond which will make it even more lovely.

This was her inspiration for starting things off...

She found some flower stamps because she wanted to create her own invitations. My sister is very hands on and tried to make this wedding cheap and also very special and one of a kind. I think doing things yourself adds a nice touch and the guests appreciate it as well. I created the program for her as well using these stamps. Isn't it just cute! I made a front and back, I think it is called tea-length style? What do you think? 

As you can tell it's not quite finalized since it says blah blah blah :]

And to leave you with something fun for the weekend is this super cute nail design my friend showed me from Tumblr. I think it fits the theme of this post quite well don't you? :)  I will do a tutorial on this soon as it is just the cutest! And perfect for summer time! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First EVER Eyebrow Wax! :]

I wrote this post last year about 9 months ago when I was on Tumblr and I figured I would share with you :)

I’ve never gotten my eyebrows done and today I finally decided to do them since I’m getting tired of plucking and not really having a shape other than flat… 

And I was always scared to try and create my own shape in fear of going overboard or having them look like two completely different… things on my face. 

I never realized how different my eyebrows actually were. One is definitely shorter than the other. You can tell because my left side kinda stops while my right brow continues downward in a nice arch.. Haha.. 

Well here it is :)

I’m pretty happy with them.  I think it made a HUGE difference. 

I did a photoshoot in the first one so my makeup is a little elaborate and well I’m not really wearing much in the second photo..

If you've ever been nervous about getting your eyebrows waxed... well my advice it just go with it!!! But go to someone that has experience so you are happy with your results. And if not, well they will always grow back. 

New Look!!

I'm in the process of completely re-vamping my blog. I'm updating the look of it and adding a bunch of new stuff. This blog will not only include beauty tips but will also feature crafty goodness, yummy foods, and DIY fun. I'm also in the process of creating an etsy shop once my sister's wedding is over (YAY Weddings!) :]

I hope to see you all soon.