Thursday, February 2, 2012

My first blog on Blogger!

How exciting! 
I have been using tumblr for a short time and have decided to add this one.  So this is pretty much a recap of everything I've done. :)

*A copy from my first blog with a little tweaks. 
When I was younger I always envied people with their beautiful nails and couldn’t ever get mine to grow strong and long. Also sports didn’t help much either. But after some researching and random youtube tutorials I found out what works best for me. I started my nail art obsession in May after my nails grew to a length that was long and for once in my life they were all the same length. 
Here was my first design I ever did. 

PANDAS! This design is courtesy of Cute Polish.  I changed it a bit by adding the dots around the French Tip. I felt that having a panda on each finger was a little much for my taste.
Products used

Sally Hansen Polish Xtreme Wear in white and black and a nice top coat. 
I used OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and this was before I learned what a good top coat was and it smeared my dots. 
A few more designs that I first tried. 
Just a pink and white polka dot design

I decided to try the panda design on my toes and I have gotten the most compliments ever from these! I did them right before I left for Australia in July :)

 I expanded on the panda design and messed around with trying new animals out. I thought the tigers turned out super cute ^-^

 Lots of dots! It looks more complicated than it actually is. It just takes lots of patience and time!

 My sister’s toes with Hello Kitty on the big toe. 

A few of my nails broke so I trimmed them down and did a short nail design. Once again polka dots. They are just so easy to do and always turn out cute!

 Flower design on my toes with little dots. (I love dots :D )

Probably one of my favorites that I have done. It’s a more sophisticated tiger look.  It’s perfect for when you are feeling wild!

Just a multi-colored french tip with simple flowers.

This was my failed attempt at a new design on my toes…. I had to fill it more to make it flow better. Trying new things is always interesting :]

Design of the week.
I saw this design online.. I had to try it out… cause I kinda like LOVE space. Its so mysterious and amazing. 

I got new nail gems!

I tried something completely different last week. I did a bunch of random lines with greens and purple, accented with black and silver and cute little silver gems.  It was my first time experimenting with the gems I bought.  I think it turned out really cool! 

Black tips with red flowers and silver centers. Classy 

Starry Toes.
Thanks for reading! Follow me to keep up on cute new nail designs I come up with or come across… as well as all the other fun makeup things I encounter! 

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